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Why a personal blog?

esme_low1.jpgI’ve been blogging since June 2003. That blog,, has turned into the resource for cities and regions that want to know about city- and countywide projects and post bids for wide-area wireless broadband deployments. It is also used by vendors, systems integrators, legislators, policy makers, community wireless activists, journalists and anyone who wants to know about municipal wireless broadband networks around the world.

In three years, Muniwireless has grown from a blog that I write in my pajamas to a small publishing and events company. I partnered with Microcast Communications to bring Muniwireless to this next stage. We organize conferences, seminars, webinars and roundtables. We also have a quarterly magazine. I still blog in my pajamas from time to time.

But I felt that I needed a platform and database for more personal stuff like travel notes, hotel and restaurant reviews, discussions on books, art and movies, and all the other things that interest me but are not appropriate for So I started this personal blog.



Author of "The Secret of Angat", a novel set in the Philippines during World War II. Founder,; Founder ( - travel) and (beauty, style).

4 thoughts on “Why a personal blog?

  1. I remembered the Stevens quote and was trying to find if there wasn’t an actual lost city of that name, cut out of the jungle. Stevens was dreaming about the excavation and giving it the form of a dead woman (?). Anyway, I want to find out about the actual city.


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