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The tyranny of fleece

Spend enough time in the San Francisco Bay Area and you will realize how fleece dominates the wardrobe of most men in this part of the world. It’s been very warm for the past two weeks and I have not seen a single fleece jacket. Its absence was so overwhelming that I simply had to blog about it.

My friend, Molly Ditmore, writes a fashion/style blog called Molly Bloom that provides such useful information for anyone who has ever tried to navigate the minefield of “business casual”. Her “Guy Friday” articles are worth reading if you are a man who is lost in a world of metrosexuals, David Beckham wannabes, $300 designer denims and, yes, fleece.

For people in tech, “business casual” means dressing as poorly as possible and topping everything with a fleece jacket, as if people won’t notice. Check out this Sydney Morning Herald piece that calls IT workers the worst dressed in the world.

So what do I have against fleece? It makes you look fat. Nobody looks good in fleece.



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