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Video — Flanders declares independence, Belgium falls apart: not!

Dailymotion blogged video
La Flandre proclame son indépendance

Last Tuesday, the Belgian station RTBF reported that Flanders had declared independence and that Belgium was gone. It looked so real that even CNN picked it up and the French newspaper, Le Monde, placed several calls to the Belgian prime minister’s office. Click on the video above.

The broadcast reported that the king and his family had left Belgium for Kinshasa, capital of Belgian Congo. There were video clips of the Belgian flag being taken down, a celebration in Flanders, etc. The funniest moment in the entire video is when the tram driver announces to passengers in Brussels that the tram can’t go any further because it is not allowed to enter Flemish territory.

The “fake” news report generated some panic in Belgium and what’s amazing is that a lot of people believed it. That’s because secessionist fever runs very high in Flanders, whose residents speak Flemish and resent having to support Wallonia, the other (French-speaking) province.What’s hysterical about this news clip is that they used various clips from other news reports to put together what looks like a real broadcast of the end of Belgium. The fake news video was put together by Philippe Dutilleul as part of the release of his new book, Bye Bye Belgium. This is one of the most amazing PR stunts I have seen in a long time. Dutilleul said in an interview in De Morgen (the leading Antwerp newspaper) this weekend, that he released the book and made the fake broadcast to generate a real debate about the fate of Belgium as a nation.

[Alors que Jean-Claude Defossé introduit son émission, la mire apparaît sur l’écran avant l’annonce d’un flash spécial présenté par François De Brigode: le Parlement flamand vient de voter la sécession de la Flandre du Royaume de Belgique. Dans cette émission, il est question du roi Albert II quittant le pays pour faire part de son désaccord à l’égard de cette pseudo-décision unilatérale flamande. Le sénateur flamand Jean-Marie Dedecker a participé à cette évocation en donnant une interview, de même que le président du Parlement wallon José Happart et d’autres personnalités politiques.]

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