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Blog tag: 5 things you never knew about me

I got blog tagged by Sascha Meinrath on this subject and after two weeks of putting it off, I decided to do a post on this in part because the beginning of the year is always a good time to do lists. So here are 5 things most people don’t know about me:

1. I had a dog – a Pekinese – named Tinkerbell, which happens to be the name of Paris Hilton’s dog.

2. I have a degree in Chemistry, which probably explains No. 3.

3. I love to cook.

4. I have a shoe obsession. I “curate” shoes. I own more than 80 pairs — the actual number is embarrassing, so I will use the number 80. I am Filipina. We never throw out our shoes so you understand how Imelda got to 2000.

5. When I watch a scary movie or read a horror story, I have to keep the lights on at night if I am alone.



Author of "The Secret of Angat", a novel set in the Philippines during World War II. Founder,; Founder ( - travel) and (beauty, style).

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