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Welcome to the world of the Pajama Entrepreneur

I started this blog because more of us are starting businesses (as I did with my blog and some of us even run them in pajamas.

This site devoted to a lifestyle — for people who don’t have to go to an office everyday, suffer through nasty commutes and put up stupid office politics. Many of us left big companies so we could work on OUR projects. We are passionate about our work and believe that it should be fun and meaningful. We love our independence and want to determine how we spend our time.

Among the things we want to know:

– how do I organize my work so I can do it from anywhere (Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, San Francisco)?

– what are the best home office chairs?

– what online applications should I consider so I can do my work outside the home/office?

– how can I furnish my home office (or any office) with style but on a budget?

– who are the other Pajama Entrepreneurs out there and what useful tips do they have?

– how do I find balance in my life so I am not working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week?

– where are the best Wi-Fi hotspots around the world?

– which mobile phones, laptops, Wi-Fi tablets and other gadgets should I consider?

– where are the cool places for PJ entrepreneurs to hang out?

I want to hear from other pj entrepreneurs out there about their inspiration for starting out on their own and tips they can share with others.



Author of "The Secret of Angat", a novel set in the Philippines during World War II. Founder,; Founder ( - travel) and (beauty, style).

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