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Segolene Royal on the offensive against Nicolas Sarkozy

Dailymotion blogged video
Ségolène Royal Clash Nicolas Sarkozy
Video sent by PeteRock

[“Scandalisée”, Royal a accusé son rival “d’immoralité politique”. Sarkozy lui a reproché de “perdre ses nerfs”. La dispute portait sur l’accueil d’enfants handicapés dans les écoles.]

I watched parts of the debate between Royal and Sarkozy last night. It went on forever (2 hours 40 minutes) and parts of it were tedious (e.g. about the EU), plus it was scheduled at the same time as the Champions League semifinal between AC Milan and Manchester United (AC Milan won 3-0 and will meet Liverpool in the final).

There were a few exciting moments when the candidates went at each other. In this clip you see Royal getting very angry with Sarkozy because of his government’s policy towards handicapped children in schools.

Sarkozy tells Royal to calm down and says that the president of the Republic has to be “calm”. Royal says she has a right to be outraged in the face of injustice and will express her anger even as president when there is injustice.

I found Sarkozy’s remark against Royal to be very sexist and demeaning. He would not have said that if he were debating with a male candidate. When women get angry especially in professional situations, they are always accused of being hysterical and unable to control themselves and therefore unfit for office.

In an online poll of 52,000 people, the French newspaper, Le Monde, reports that 50% thought Royal won the debate versus 38% for Sarkozy.

To watch the debate (in parts), go to or France2.



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