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Beware of upgrading to WordPress 2.2

I just upgraded two of my blogs, this one and Pajama Entrepreneur, to WordPress 2.2 which was released last week. The new version is buggy and I regret having upgraded so soon. For whatever reason, maybe I have lots of widgets on the other blog, several things are broken: the quicktags don’t work, I get errors using Marsedit, the sidebar widgets which are integrated in WordPress 2.2 can’t be changed, etc. From now on I’m waiting at least a month before upgrading unless the upgrade is necessary for security reasons.

UPDATE: I solved the visual editor problems and Marsedit XML parsing failure by deactivating one of the older plugins called Secure and Accessible PHP Contact Form (v.2.0WP B20070414).



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One thought on “Beware of upgrading to WordPress 2.2

  1. Along with the bug fixes, WordPress 2.2 brings new bugs to the table: wp_mail removes the Content-Type, you can’t remove widgets in Firefox and all widgets are used by default… etc. You can check the bug list at
    The official install guide is quite hard to understand so i decided to write a tutorial with pictures about how to upgrade to wordpress 2.2 and i allso describe the compatibility issues on widgets.


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