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PCs are not cheaper than Macs

I have been a Mac user since 2002, when the first generation of newly designed iMacs were introduced by Apple. Before that I used Windows on a boxy Dell desktop and a heavy Dell laptop. Today I have an iBook and would never even consider going back to Windows.

First, Macs are just more stylish. People like to be surrounded by beautiful objects and the Mac, in its desktop and laptop configuration, is a beauty.  Second, I never have to deal with malware, spyware and all other types of horrible-ware that Windows users have to wrestle with everyday. Macs are a big timesaver. Third, Mac software is easier to use, again, a big timesaver for busy entrepreneurs.

If you have a small company or are operating on your own, you have no IT department to call on when Windows starts acting up. Macs are easier to maintain.

But when I try to convince people to switch to the Mac, they say Windows machines are cheaper. That’s the conventional wisdom. But are they really? According to Scot Finnie, in his Computerworld article, Macs are cheaper than PCs with the same features. What makes Macs seem more expensive is that there are not as many mid-price range Macs as PCs. Read Scot’s article and doubt no more.



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One thought on “PCs are not cheaper than Macs

  1. Macs *were* more stylish, unfortunately Mac users are living in the past when it comes to PC design. I haven’t seen a beige box in yonks – if you can imagine it, you can put your PC in it, these days. I’ve even seen a PC running in an old fish tank for crying out loud.

    Macs are vulnerable to various types of spyware and trojans, and you can catch them if you are careless. I have never had a virus on my Windows machine. Do you know why? A few simple precautions, sensible web browsing, and you’re about as safe as you’re going to get.

    Neither is Windows the only OS available on a PC for that matter. Ubuntu for example, is as easy to use as either of them, more secure, more reliable and is beginning to be shipped on maintstream computer systems – such as Dells.

    And as for being cheaper, I can built a high-powered PC for under £500. I can’t *build* a Mac at all, they decide for me what hardware I am allowed to use… and it’s typically inferior in capability (or at least, used to be, before they adopted Intel).


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