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Why not to do a startup

Marc Andreessen has posted an excellent piece on why not to do a startup, part one of his series on his guide to startups. The stress, hiring and firing people, the hours, battling with co-founders and investors can drain the joy out of even the most devoted entrepreneur. But, I am an optimist and I think that working for other people especially in a large company is worse option. What do the words “success” or “failure” mean? Whatever you want them to mean.

For me, working for someone else is just not the way to spend my life. People think they have all the time in the world. They live their lives as if they have 10 lifetimes. Marc mentions in his blog post why one should do a startup: control your destiny, have an impact on the world, create your ideal work environment and have a chance to make money. Of those reasons, controlling your destiny is the most important one for me.

I stopped working for big companies because I was unhappy always working on other people’s projects. I decided I wanted to bring to fruition all those ideas burbling in my head. I wanted to work on MY projects during the little time I have on this earth.

The pains that Marc mentions in his blog post are so minor compared to the awfulness of working for someone else.

UPDATE: for some reason, the link to the Marc Andreessen post is gone. He seems to have changed his blog and deleted his older entries.



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