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What’s really different about the Apple iPhone

In Clash of the Titans (what’s really different about the Apple iPhone), Senior Analyst Robert Syputa says: “How much and quickly incumbent networks operators will be willing to give up the assurance of revenues derived from captive control of cellphone services versus how much they can capitalize on the popularity of new services is galvanized by conclusion that a shift to open IP environment is inevitable. If incumbent operators strongly resist the shift, independent operators will have a more open field to exploit the pent-up interest of consumers as demonstrated by the iPhone.”

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“Degrees of Freedom – The difference between controlled development in computing environment markets and open ones is the degree of freedom that the user has to make choices. This stems as a consequence to how open the platform is to development within the framework of the standards and commercial mechanisms. A key difference between WiMAX or WiFi and cellular wireless is the degree of freedom of the platform for application development. The business structure of the cellular industry is one in which applications from among which the user is chastised to make use are primarily determined by operators. This will be confronted by an open environment in which the operator must competitively package software, services and content from a growing number of suppliers using a skillfully intuitive interface. Otherwise, their ownership of the bandwidth highway will be overtaken by more streamlined fast traffic lanes of more adept NGMN entrepreneurs and their bandwidth service will quickly be pushed to commodity status.”

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