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Tour de France 2007: Vinokourov caught in doping scandal, Astana team out

Vinokourov failed a doping test and has withdrawn, together with the entire Astana team, from the Tour de France. The test took place last Saturday after the time trial which he won. The test showed he had two different types of red blood cells, which suggests he got a blood infusion (of someone else’s blood) before the time trial (read more here).

I was wondering why he looked very disturbed yesterday at a TV interview he gave to a Belgian reporter. After all, he had won the stage between Foix and Loudenvielle. Even on the podium, he looked disturbed. When asked if he was coming back next year, he said I don’t know and looked wistful (rather than tired or disappointed).

Even his teammate, Andreas Kloden, who is fifth in the general classification is out. It is difficult, if not impossible, to organize this type of blood doping without the help of experienced and organized medical staff. The entire team is under suspicion, which is why they are all out.

Meanwhile, Michael Rasmussen, the current holder of the yellow jersey, appeared at yet another press conference to clarify what happened last June when he failed to report on time for testing. Today is a rest day for Tour participants, but it’s not restful for anyone in this sport.



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