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Desperately seeking: time and privacy

I had just finished writing my post “Why Linked In does not work” where I explain why I left the business networking site (decluttering my life, stop wasting time), when I saw this post by Om Malik entitled “Can privacy be a premium service” about whether there is a business in providing people more privacy. Om says:

Time and privacy are two aspects of our modern lives that are in short supply . . . Time and its management are highly personal issues, but when it comes to privacy, the chinks outweigh the average person’s capabilities. And that prompted me to as the question: can privacy be offered as a value-added (premium) service by carriers and web service operators such as Google.

The most obvious way to save time is to:
– unsubscribe from mailing lists
– pare down the list of blogs on one’s RSS news reader
– delete (and refuse to respond to) time-wasting emails (from people who want you to do their work for them)
– stop using Twitter or Jaiku
– minimize use of social networking sites

To protect one’s privacy, it’s best not to join any online business or social networks. But there are certain services that may be very useful, e.g. Google search and location-based services, that inform others of what you are up to, either in your head on physically. Om points out that search engines do a poor job in privacy protection probably because they sell ads around the searches.

Is the concern over privacy an age-related one, with the under 30 generation not at all bothered about having their revealing photos and intimate details online for all to see?



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