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Tour de France 2007: Suspicious Contador

I don’t know why no one in the mainstream press picked up on this Süddeutsche Zeitung article about Alberto Contador’s involvement in the infamous Puerto doping scandal last year in Spain. In fact, he was not allowed to participate in the 2006 Tour because of his involvement in the scandal. He was later “cleared” under suspicious circumstances (some of the documents involving his “cleansing” are sealed and confidential). The Süddeutsche Zeitung article says that while Contador was on the list of riders involved in the doping scandal, his name was later stricken from the list because he agreed to be a witness.

Now there’s a difference between being completely innocent, and being involved but later rehabilitated in exchange for acting as a key witness.

Does anyone know more about the Contador case? It seems like the Spanish cycling federation was all too eager to clear him.

Read this article from Velonews – it’s supposed to make us feel warm and fuzzy about Contador if he wins the Tour. “At last,” we can all sigh collectively, “a true untainted sportsman.”

I want to see Document 31.

UPDATE: Yesterday (July 27), Christian Prudhomme of the Tour de France organization, voiced his suspicions about Contador.



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One thought on “Tour de France 2007: Suspicious Contador

  1. You can never tell anymore who is. isn’t clean. I w ant to believe Contador is, but it is impossible to tell. His results seem to have improved when he joined Disco, while when Salvodelli left Disco, his results went significantly down. I think a lot of this has to do with Disco’s “medical program” and Lance Armstrong’s continued involvement with the team


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