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Review of Yotel, a stylish budget hotel in the UK

Cyrus Farivar, a technology writer from San Francisco, stayed overnight at the recently opened Yotel right in Gatwick Airport, London. Yotel is the new chain of Japanese-inspired stylish budget hotels in airports. He says:

Basically once you get out of the baggage claim and clear customs, there’s an elevator that goes down one floor — and all of a sudden, it’s like you’re in this serene space that shouldn’t exist in a loud international airport like this one. To the left is a set of computers where you check it — once you’re confirmed (it almost feel like you
should get a retinal scan), it prints out your receipt with your WiFi code on it, and gives you the keycard to your room. Gatwick’s Yotel currently has 46 rooms, and from what I can tell about one-third of them are the “premium” class rooms, which are slightly bigger, with and extra three inches of television screen (23″ vs. 20″) and are the ones shown in the photos on the website. The premium will run you 82 GBP ($168) vs. the “standard” room, which is what I have, which “only” costs 55 GBP ($110) for 24 hours. The minimum charge for the room is 25 GBP ($50) for four hours.

To read the entire review, click here.

UPDATE: Yotel is opening a hotel at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport.



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