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Backpack: best online tool for getting organized

Backpack: Get Organized and Collaborate I am on a roll. This week I weeded out time-wasting activities such as Twitter and Jaiku. I closed my account at Linked In, stopped responding to stupid emails, and deleted 75% of my RSS feeds. To get organized and save even more time, I decided to try Backpack, an online application from the amazing folks at 37 Signals, creators of Basecamp (project management and collaboration), Highrise (simple CRM) and CampFire (group chat). There’s a free and paid version. The free version does not include the Calendar and limits the number of pages you can create.

Here is how I use Backpack:

  • Created FAQ for journalists who call me and ask the same questions about municipal wireless networks
  • Make daily list of things to do
  • Created trip planning page for upcoming trips with links to airline ticket, hotel reservation numbers, maps, interesting places to visit, restaurants to try
  • Canned email responses I can just cut and paste into a response
  • use Calendar to send me SMS alert before appointments

There are many more uses I will find for it, but I just started today and already I feel very organized and calm.

If you want to try it, please click on this link .



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