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Tech tidbits for 13 Aug 2007: Skype on the iPhone, UK ISPs threaten to block the BBC

Om Malik posted an article today about Skype on the iPhone: “It took me less than two minutes to get up and running. Sending messages was as simple as typing SMS messages.” A German company has figured out a way to let iPhone owners use Skype via the browser on the iPhone (since you can’t install applications on the phone yet). I am sure AT&T is not too pleased about that but then again, they did not cripple the Wi-Fi functionality on the phone.

Meanwhile, Farhad Manjoo, Salon’s tech columnist, says that several UK ISPs are threatening to block access to BBC’s online videos. The problem is that the BBC uses a P2P application called iPlayer which allows people to view thousands of BBC videos online. ISPs say it’s a bandwidth hog and since they buy their bandwidth (wholesale) from BT, it’s costing them a lot of money and slowing down the network. Tiscali, a UK ISP, wants the BBC to pay them or else. The ISPs threat is making a lot of people scream for net neutrality rules in the UK where ISPs cannot block content at will if the content provider does not pay. Perhaps the ISPs simply have to charge more. Other countries are, for this reason, encouraging the deployment of fiber networks which provide much more bandwidth (at lower prices too).



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