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Links of the day: get paid to use your phone, office sharing takes off

(1) UK telecom company Noodle pays you when you use your phone (from the Times UK):

“Some customers are already making up to £100 a week, more than enough to cover a phone’s running costs, according to Noodle, the telecom firm providing the service. Noodle customers make 2p a minute if they make or receive a call during peak hours and 1p at other times. You can also make money by signing up a friend. You earn money each time you receive a call on your Noodle number, which is obtained by texting “Noodle” to 81025. Calls made by dialling the Noodle number first also earn money. There is no contract or monthly fee and you can keep your mobile number and any free bundled minutes you have with your existing provider.”

(2) Share an office, desks, Wi-Fi, coffee, everything: this is a trend I’m seeing in Amsterdam too, where you can rent a large desk in an office with other entrepreneurs for 300 EUR a month. It’s definitely for people who can’t work from home (because of kids, noise) or those who crave company. See this post on GigaOm about co-working spaces.


Boston-Cambridge, Massachusetts:



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One thought on “Links of the day: get paid to use your phone, office sharing takes off

  1. In this day and age, people are beginning to open up their offices to these entrepreneurs who want to be in a working environment. It’s that belief that if you go to work, you will be more productive. I’ve tried working from home on various Fridays and let me tell you, when I compare the time I spend at home actually working vs. the work I tend to accomplish at an office space, I come out on top working at a place of business. I hope the trend that is prevalent in Amsterdam follows it’s way here. In my mind, it’s almost a necessary expense to work with people who are also in their mindset. Besides, what’s wrong with having free services such as an internet connection, a kitchen to have your lunch, or people to get to know in a working or recreation capacity (considering you don’t work for the same company!).


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