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Joke of the day: Apple to fight iPhone hacks

apple-hack.jpgIt’s a dark, gloomy, rainy day in Amsterdam and I need a good laugh. This came in just in time to cure my blues (from Network World): Apple CEO Steve Jobs said Tuesday that it’s his company’s job to stymie hackers who try to unlock the iPhone — the first time the company has officially said it would fight attempts to use the popular device on unauthorized networks.

Why is this funny?

(1) Assuming I am an iPhone owner, which I am not, it’s MY phone. I bought it. The cellular operator isn’t even subsidizing it so I have every right to choose what I download onto the phone, how I use it, etc. When it leaves the store, Mr. Jobs has no right to tell me what the heck I am going to use it for and how. I can flush it right down the toilet, stomp on it, grind it into a thousand little pieces, it’s none of his damn business. He’s got his money, he should shut up and be happy.

(2) The hacker community “owns” the iPhone. Whatever fix Apple tries to apply to the device, the hacker community will come up with an update of its own to neutralize Apple’s “fix”. Apple is wasting time and money, and annoying its customers.

(3) Steve Jobs added: “People will try to break in, and it’s our job to stop them breaking in.” Wait – it’s my phone. I decided who to let in, not Apple. Apple’s “fixes” are intrusive. It’s Apple who’s breaking into MY phone.

But I don’t have to worry about this . . . for now because I don’t have an iPhone. I refuse to buy it unless it works on 21st century mobile networks – like 3G for a start.



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