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Paolo Bettini wins 2007 World Cycling championship

bettini-1.jpegPaolo Bettini won the 2008 2007 World Championship in Stuttgart for the second time in a row amidst boos and hisses, and only days after a judge ordered the race organizers to allow Bettini into the competition. The reason: Bettini refused to sign an anti-doping pledge that the organizers had imposed on all competitors. Many spectators believed he should not have been allowed to race.

This year’s championship has been controversial from the beginning. Alejandro Valverde, one of Spain’s best cyclists, almost did not start because the UCI (the cycling union) said there was enough evidence to link him to a large doping case in Spain. The Spanish did not believe there was enough evidence linking Valverde and put him on the list anyway, UCI took him off again and the courts intervened. The Spanish team was the favorite with riders such as Valverde, Freire, and Sanchez in the lineup. But they fizzled out in the end.

This was also Dutch rider Michael Boogerd’s last race before retiring and he did extremely well, finishing 12th behind Thomas Dekker, his teammate at Rabobank. Boogerd, one of the best riders from the Netherlands, rode an excellent Tour de France this summer, helping Michael Rasmussen keep the yellow jersey over the most difficult stages. Unfortunately Rasmussen was thrown out of the Rabobank team only days before the finish (see my earlier posts on this year’s scandal-filled Tour).



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2 thoughts on “Paolo Bettini wins 2007 World Cycling championship

  1. I think you meant to write Paulo Bettini wins 2007 World Cycling Championship. If he wins three in a row, I believe he will be the first Professional to do this. I predicted he would win this year just hours before it actually happened to a couple of Italians. I couldn’t believe it when it actually happened. But he knows exactly when to make his move and when he attacks on a hill, you might as well be thinking about second place. I was in Salzburg, Austria last year and witnessed his first win in person.


  2. Yes, indeed it is 2007. I was typing this blog post very quickly and watching the results on the television at the same time, proving that multi-tasking does not work.


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