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McDonalds UK offers free Wi-Fi

freewifi.jpgI am such a fan of free open Wi-Fi, but even that won’t get me into a McDonalds (I hate fast food in general). Nevertheless, it is a step in the right direction for European public hotspots which are still dominated by large carriers charging a lot of money for access. The Netherlands’ KPN offers Wi-Fi via its HubHop service, seems to be everywhere, including unfortunately the train stations. Swisscom Eurospot is also in a lot of hotels and charging piles of money.

Signs of change: the Stagecoach buses between London and Oxford, as well as the National Express between London and Cambridge, offer free Wi-Fi on all their buses (click here to read article on Muniwireless).

Now let’s see if other cafes, restaurants and public transport authorities follow. After all, their primary goal is to get butts into those seats. If Wi-Fi can help, then offer it as an amenity.



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One thought on “McDonalds UK offers free Wi-Fi

  1. All McDonalds restaurants in Ireland have had free wifi for years. It’s provided through Cisco AP and use a voucher authentication system.
    Uptake is low. I have never seen anyone (apart from myself) use it and most of the staff seem to be unaware of it. The fact that the vouchers are stored in the managers office instead of being kept at the checkout doesn’t help either. It’s step in the right direction though…


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