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Simplifying life and creating a zone of silence

Until today, I maintained two blogs, this and Pajama Entrepreneur. I decided to merge Pajama Entrepreneur, my other blog about entrepreneurs and technology, into this blog. Why? I have no time to maintain two blogs. It means updating two different sites every time WordPress updates its software. That also means updating all the plugins. Too time-consuming.

The end of every year is a good time to examine what we can simplify in our lives and how we can use our time wisely. This means:

  • leaving social networking sites that waste lots of time and give nothing in return except endless spam from “friends” or dubious requests for an endorsement (why I left Linked In);
  • limiting the number of blogs I read everyday (deleting RSS feeds of blogs that say the same thing as other blogs);
  • unsubscribing from newsletters that provide little value and only regurgitate what I already know or what’s posted elsewhere (I unsubscribed from almost a dozen telecom-related newsletters whose content is absolutely worthless — the same blah-blah about mobile advertising, mobile Internet, MMS, SMS — really the same stuff for the past few years);
  • managing email: not responding to everyone’s email, putting people in the Junk Mail folder, checking email only twice a day.

I will be looking for other ways to streamline my life and expand my zone of silence so I can focus on the things that mean a lot to me. There’s too much noise out there and it is distracting.



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