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Day 2 without my Mac Book Pro: severe withdrawal symptoms

This is Day 2 without Fiona (my Mac Book Pro) which is in intensive care somewhere in Texas. I was about to post on Day 1 but was too traumatized to write anything. And were it not for Obama’s victory, which I’m savoring today, I would not be functioning at all. There’s something about being deprived of the thing that keeps you company, entertains you, maintains your calendar, processes communications between you and your friends, every day. I briefly thought about running down to the Apple store to get a new Mac Book Pro or even a Mac Book Air. I spent half an hour spinning this fantasy in my mind, imagining myself with the latest Apple gear and maybe, even throwing in a new iPod or the 3G iPhone. Alas, budgetary pressures kept my fantasy in check. I will simply have to await the return of Fiona.

So I am writing this post on an ancient Dell that uses Windows XP. This Dell (which I’ve named Wilbur) is the perfect example of why I moved to the Mac platform back in 2002 and why I got a Mac Book Pro in June 2007. It’s too heavy to drag down to Peet’s Coffee, but if you are ever contemplating suicide, you can strap it to your chest and jump off the Golden Gate Bridge. It is guaranteed to sink you.

What unnerves me most is this: I keep half of my appointments on Google calendar, but have made entries in Apple’s calendar software on my Mac. Never again!

Lesson 1: keep your calendar online.

I don’t think I’ve got any appointments this week (which aren’t on Google calendar), but I won’t know until I get a call from the offended person yelling at me for not showing up.

So while I’m waiting for the return of Fiona, I’m stuck with Wilbur. My only consolation is that Wilbur is too old to have upgraded to Vista.



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