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My Mac Book Pro is back

Fiona has returned from a long absence. After one week of being Mac-less, I am so happy that my laptop arrived today from the Apple repair center. I banished Wilbur (the ancient Dell) back into the closet and I hope I never have to go through this harrowing experience again. I learned one lesson: keep all contacts and my calendar online.



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2 thoughts on “My Mac Book Pro is back

  1. I’ve almost never had a Mac fail on me (to the point of needing repair… I still remember banging on the side of my SE to get it to start up–and it worked).

    What was wrong and which model? I’ve been putting off an upgrade.


  2. I bought the Mac Book Pro in early July 2007 so it’s not the latest line of Mac Book Pros. They fixed the video card and the main logic board.


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