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America's secret weapon: the American banker

President Obama’s plan to limit bankers’ compensation has caused quite a stir in the banking world. Bankers argue that if Americans don’t pay these outrageous sums, foreign banks will hire our best bankers, leaving the US banking system uncompetitive. The complaining bankers don’t realize that there are very few banks left in the world, nearly all of them have a hiring freeze and none of them will hire an overpaid, incompetent American banker.

So why not ship all of our spoiled, stupid bankers to countries that aren’t friendly to us? Imagine sending the CEOs and senior executives to the Axis of Evil. Think of the damage they would do to our enemies — without firing a shot! And Americans would have the benefit of not having to support their lavish, obscene lifestyles.

The Treasury should create a job board with the resumés of these overpaid buffoons and get a placement fee, too, just like a recruitment agency.



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