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Levi Leipheimer abandons Tour de France 2009

Levi Leipheimer (Astana) has decided to drop out of the Tour de France 2009 after a nasty crash in yesterday’s stage which ended in Vittel. Michael Rogers and Leipheimer crashed together at a turn which Rogers landing on top of Leipheimer and emerging unscathed. Leipheimer thought that his wrist injury was not serious and continued riding. He realized it was far worse only later in the night when the injury proved too painful and doctors advised him to have an operation.

The absence of Leipheimer is a big blow to Astana and to riders such as Lance Armstrong and Alberto Contador, the two leaders of the Astana team. But it gets more interesting for the other riders . . .



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4 thoughts on “Levi Leipheimer abandons Tour de France 2009

  1. Esme,Please choose your verbs more carefully. To abandon implies that Levi had a choice to make. If you have ever ridden a road bike, you would know that alot of the upper body weight is born by the arms and a broken wrist FORCED him to withdraw.

    Rather than suggest that Esme is just desperately trying to use a verb that every other media voice hasn’t already claimed, I’m just going to say:

    Based on this writing, Esme don’t ride a bicycle. Perhaps a little sports specific research before writing would be helpful.


  2. I like the verb “abandonner” which in English means to drop out, to abdicate. Your conclusion that I don’t ride a bicycle is based on what? Pure speculation. Levi’s crash yesterday was exceedingly stupid. For a rider of his calibre and experience, it was dumb.


  3. I think Levi and Denis Menchov simply peaked too early in the season. Levi is a great rider, but somehow, he never won the “big one”. It is difficult to be in top shape in February for the Tour of California and maintain it all the way to July. Perhaps next year Levi should only focus on the tour like Lans did in the past?


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