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Vook is made for the iPad

I just bought Alice in Wonderland from Vook, a website that sells multimedia books (price: $2.99). When you view a “vook”, you don’t just read text as you would on a Kindle, you get video on the side explaining aspects of the book, the location, the author’s biography, a history of the place. In the case of Alice in Wonderland, which is an illustrated book to begin with, you see the gorgeous illustrations on the screen and you watch beautiful video clips made by filmmaker Emma Heald. I love Vook and recommend it to anyone who likes to read and experience the greater depth of a book. I read Alice in Wonderland when I was a child and reading the “vook” is a vastly different experience. You can also buy Vook for the iPhone. My only complaint is that if I want to see the Alice in Wonderland “vook” on the iPhone, I have to buy it again.

Why not have a subscription model where I pay a monthly fee and can view my “vooks” on whichever platform I choose?

Where Vook will really shine is in the world of cookbooks on an iPad. You place your iPad on the kitchen counter, go to a recipe, watch the author making it or giving you tips on how to braise, make a meringue, or a terrine.

Vook takes books to the next level and I can’t wait to see it on the iPad. The publishing industry is NOT dead; it’s just moving on to another platform. There will always be a place for paper books, which I love, especially those made with great care and artistry. But even for a paper book lover like me, the richness of the experience on Vook is something to celebrate. As long as there are good storytellers – whether in print or video – people will want to see their work.




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