About Esme Vos

I am the author of The Secret of Angat, a supernatural tale set in the Philippines during World War II.

Described as “Joseph Conrad meets M.R. James”, the story follows a group of Japanese soldiers, led by Lieutenant Takeji Nakamura, who have been ordered to build a bridge across the Angat River. Strange things begin to happen. Lieutenant Nakamura begins to wonder whether the macabre rumors about the village are true. Why do the surrounding towns avoid it? What is it about the villagers that give him the creeps? What is the terrible secret hidden in Angat? Will Nakamura and his men finish the bridge in time for the Japanese Imperial Army retreat from Manila to the northern provinces of the Philippines?

secret of angat horror supernatural


I am the founder of Muniwireless.com, a blog-turned-niche-publishing-company about large-scale wireless networks (founded in 2003);  Mapplr.com, a travel site, and Shopplr.com, a shopping site.

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