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Coquette, the Pekingese

This is a drawing of Coquette done by my brother. Coquette was a Pekingese we had when I was growing up. She was a feisty little dog, snappish and stubborn.


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My brother’s drawing of Queen Elizabeth II

My brother drew a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II last year. He told me that the Queen is extremely difficult to draw. Here is his first attempt.

Queen Elizabeth drawing
Queen Elizabeth II by Daniel de Guzman
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October 2013 wallpaper and calendar

smashing magazine calendar

This is my favourite of all the October 2013 calendars at Smashing Magazine. Every month they make a selection of wallpaper calendars from artists around the world.

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Christmas window displays in Paris

Every year, the Galeries Lafayette and Printemps in Paris put on the most whimsical Christmas displays inside the stores and in the windows.

Printemps Christmas window

Galeries Lafayette Christmas window display

Holiday window display Paris

Galeries Lafayette Christmas