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Sifnos, Greece


This is the beautiful island of Sifnos. I can see now what inspired Lord Byron to write the poem, “The Isles of Greece”. Here is the first stanza:

THE isles of Greece! the isles of Greece
Where burning Sappho loved and sung,
Where grew the arts of war and peace,
Where Delos rose, and Phoebus sprung!
Eternal summer gilds them yet,
But all, except their sun, is set.


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Greetings from Ladakh

Ladakh’s scenery is one of the most breathtaking in the world. When you get out of the capital city of Leh (dusty, dirty and polluted), you find endless vistas like this one pictured below and ancient monasteries perched perilously on mountaintops.


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Recent posts on my other blogs (4 April 2015 edition)

In case you missed them, here are the latest posts on Mapplr and Shopplr.

(1) A long essay on why Uber and sharing services like it are popular and why democratic societies need them. I’ve included my experiences with Uber and taxis in Manila, Bangkok, Malta, Rome, Paris, London, Singapore, Kyoto, Tokyo, Melbourne.

(2) Updated review on The Nadler Soho, my favorite hotel in London.

(3) Reviews of two new hotels in Tel Aviv: The Market House Hotel, a chic boutique hotel in Jaffa, close to the flea market (Tel Aviv); The Norman, a luxury hotel in the center of Tel Aviv.

(4) Review of Casa Leto, a boutique hotel in St. Petersburg. I stayed there and I recommend it.

(5) Review of Son Brull, which I consider to be the BEST hotel in Mallorca.